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ITT Logistics has closely followed the overwhelming superiority and dizzying speed of technology within the developing world balances since it was established and tried to integrate the technology and current hardware into its operational structure and service operation. ITT, which foresees that the technology will bring significant advantages concerning increasing the productivity, ensuring maximum safety and implementing quality standards specifically in the recent year, has accelerated its investments in this field and significantly benefitted from advantages provided by innovative projects and thus, it continues to generate new projects with this acceleration. ITT Logistics got program software devoted to needs of sector done with the aim of managing its fleet consisting of vehicles with ADR more effectively, eliminating the security gaps and offering a more transparent service.

ITT which plans to track all its logistics processes with a fast, user friendly and mobile application support in a dynamic manner with the help of a software program called Crealog, aims to collect all its logistics processes on the same platform and thus, reduce its costs. Thanks to this software, it is able to manage its orders on a single platform and automate its deliveries with Crealog Tablet available in its vehicles. In this manner, the instant and automatic dispatch note/invoice can be issued.

Thanks to Crealog software, you can also manage your vehicles with orders or camera images on digital map. With Crealog Tablet system, the data can be imported from the vehicle display or counter available in the vehicle and thus, the action can be taken.

To illustrate, all operations are conducted automatically in a vehicle carrying LPG thanks to this software. The customer to whom the vehicle will deliver the product, can be determined automatically on GPS system and the tablet system can be opened by determining the digital driving license of vehicle operator inserted into digital tachograph of vehicle. The kilometer of vehicle can be determined on CAN-BUS of vehicle. If there is dispatch note/invoice number available, the barcode on it can be scanned automatically with the camera available on tablet.

The use of abovementioned innovative logistics software program will generate significant sectoral advantages for ITT Logistics and thus, bring the company to a leading position in the sector.

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