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• ADJUST the speed limits in accordance with the road and weather conditions.

• Never Drive at a High Speed.

• Never PASS improperly.

• WEAR your seat belt.

• FOLLOW the Traffic Rules.

• KEEP your headlights OPEN throughout your journey continuously.

• DRIVE slowly in the residential districts.

• DON’T DRIVE outside the specified ROUTES except for emergency cases and directions of traffic officers.

• DON’T STOP AND TAKE A BREAK at any place other than resting places determined by Administration if you need to take a break at long distances.

• AVOID from risky behaviors which may damage the transported good and vehicle, such as emergency braking, stagger, etc.

• Keep your telephone closed and only MAKE CALL in case of emergency.

• FOLLOW other vehicles outside the residential districts at least a distance of 50 meters throughout your journey and KEEP 20 meters between you in case of standstill.

• INFORM all traffic cases which interest the police and gendarme, including excessive speed and park fines, to administration in the shortest time. Moreover, REPORT the penalties in the shortest time.

• Have maximum 12 hours working period within 24 hours.

• Drive maximum 9 hours within 24 hours.

• The non-stop driving time is maximum 4.5 hours.

• At least 45 minutes resting break shall be taken within 9-hour working period per day. This period can be divided into 3 breaks constating of 15 minutes each.

• Maximum 72 hours can be spent on the job per week.

• Maximum 50 hours can be driven per week.

• At least 11 hours non-stop resting period can be spent per day. This period can be reduced to 9 hours three times per week.

• At least 36 hours non-stop resting period shall be spent after 6 days are spent on the job successively.

• At Least 36 hours non-stop resting period shall be allocated in case of shift change.