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ITT Logistics acts with the opinion ‘’first human’’ as of its establishment. By prioritizing the satisfaction of its employees, it supports them in terms of professional development, career planning and social rights and provides opportunities in order to ensure its employees to play an active role in the processes.

ITT Logistics;

• Employs the employees who are competent on the job description.

• The human resources policy aims to ensure worker productivity and sustainability.

In this regard, the party analysis, expectation and worker satisfaction surveys are conducted, and the improvement programs are applied based on the results.

• It pays attention to Occupational Safety issues. It takes lessons from experiences and improves the processes with the target of zero accident. It implements the programs to make the accident results trackable and accountable.

• It pays attention to enhance the quality, environment, health and safety awareness of its staffs and thus, prepares the annual training programs and ensures training of its employees on regular basis.

• It assesses the performance of employees at intervals of six months and informs the relevant staffs in performance meetings and thus, performance results are reflected to career targets.

• It prioritizes the transparency in all processes of employee practices. It tracks the legal processes and follows the data related to discrimination.

• It attaches importance to staff communication, assesses the expectations on regular basis and implements open door policy.

• It organizes several trainings within the year by considering the professional competency and job motivation of its employees.

• It always cares staff expectations in the belief that their successes are a team soul.

• By fulfilling the social and cultural requirements of staffs, it ensures the creation of ‘’Corporate Culture and Awareness’’.

Approach of Equality in Opportunity Management

ITT Logistics never let making discrimination among its staffs and it follows and manages all these processes on this subject carefully.