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ITT manages all its activities in conformity with the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) criteria in an effective manner. As ITT, we absolutely pay attention to health and safety of people and environment when conducting all our activities; and we regard the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) factors at the center of our business in every phase of our operations.

In our activities, the human health, safety, respect to environment and customer satisfaction are our priority issues. No investment and production can be initiated without assessing it in terms of problems brought by HSE criteria. ITT determines its solution partners based on health, safety, environment and quality policy. It follows the codes, regulations, standards and rules which are applicable in every place of business.

Everyone who works on behalf of ITT, is responsible for implementation of continuous improvement targets and HSE policies at any time and place. The safety, environment and quality management systems are subject to a continuous assessment in terms of measuring the success, setting the goals, determining unique intervention methods and generating appropriate inspection modes. It undertakes to mobilize the human resources, time and financial resources to be provided with the aim of achieving its continuous improvement targets in its health and safety performance. ITT provides the facilities and generates the emergency intervention methods necessary an effective intervention in case of an accident in addition to accident prevention policy.

ITT will monitor and inspect the energy consumption of all departments and other wastes to be produced. Therefore, it will make an active contribution to sustainable development policies by protecting the natural resources. The aim of HSE-Q management system of ITT is as follows:

• Not to damage the people,
• Protect the environment,
• Use the natural resource efficiently, • Produce services, products and energy resources suitable for abovementioned aims,
• Offer high quality services and products to its customers,
• Make the HSE and quality performance of administration visible,
• Manage the emergency cases and report them in a transparent manner,
• Lead the implementation and development of most accurate and efficient methods in the activity areas of administration,
• Keep the HSE-Q system alive and make contribution to its continuous development,
• Create an environment where all ITT employees will adopt aforementioned aims.