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Aiming to offer logistic services making a difference to its customers with its new perspective and team, ITT Logistics was restructured in 2014 and it has been offering competitive, high quality and creative logistics in Liquid Chemical and Hazardous Material Transportation to its partners and customers thanks to its knowledge and experience based on its long-standing background. ITT Logistics, which makes investments in technology and infrastructure
issues being one of indispensable aspects of logistics processes, has a reliable and fast information flow developing its own software and producing instant online solutions for its customers with its portal information services. ITT Logistics; offers miscellaneous services such as Domestic Transportation, Overseas Road, Railway and Sea Transportation, Storage, Warehouse, Heating Handling, Container Replacement, Tankcontainer Repair,
Consulting and Customs Clearance, etc. all together. Thanks to this understanding, it puts the practical solutions devoted to customer satisfaction into practice instantly. Moreover, ITT Logistics is the agency of a German tankcontainer operator, VTG Tanktainer GmbH being the world’s leading tank operator, in Turkey and it offers competitive services in import and export transportations to several companies. It also creates advantageous competitive conditions by creating solutions based on product specifications.