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ITT Logistics, which aims to provide logistics services that make a difference to its customers with its new perspective and team, was restructured in 2014 and offers competitive, high quality and creative logistics solutions to its partners and customers in the field of Liquid Chemical and Dangerous Goods Transport with its knowledge and experience based on its deep-rooted past. ITT Logistics, which makes investments in technology and infrastructure, which is one of the indispensable elements of logistics processes, has a reliable and fast information flow that develops its own software and provides instant online solutions to its customers with portal information services.

ITT Logistics offers many services such as Domestic Transport, International Road, Railway, Maritime, Storage, Warehouse, Warehouse, Heating Handling and Tankcontainer Repair. Thanks to this understanding, it quickly puts practical solutions for customer satisfaction into effect. ITT Logistics is also the Turkish agency of German tankcontainer operator VTG Tanktainer GmbH, one of the world's leading tank operator companies, and offers competitive services to many companies in import and export transports. It also creates advantageous competition conditions by developing solutions focused on product specifications.

The source of our motivation is to improve the quality of logistics with our pioneering investments that lead the sector, and to make development and change sustainable with our vision that is open to innovation.

Tekin Öztanık

Our Vision

ITT Logistics' business culture is a combination of values, beliefs, behaviours and ways of doing business. This culture includes a number of elements such as how we communicate with our employees, the structure of our co-operation partners, the decisions we make and the way we resolve problems.

We strive for a business culture where we motivate our employees, unite around a common purpose and manage business processes with efficiency, consistency and harmony.


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Technological Integration


Quality Standards

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